Being single and happy is something that most of us enjoy even if we don’t realize it. The reality here is that instead of having worrying about someone else, we live only for ourselves, and this brings in fantastic opportunities and incredible results. Being selfish is no longer considered vulgar and brattish. Intuitively, since it is always me me me, you can make snap decisions that directly influence and enhance your future!

6 Surprising Truths about Being Single and Happy

You decide!

When in a relationship, decisions are usually shared and subconsciously, your own decisions often consider the impact on your significant other. Conversely, being single and happy accords you full freedom in your decisions. As expected, this enables you to explore new opportunities for you and minimises any personal regret from not taking the path less trodden.

Financial independence

Having total control over your finances is amazing and that’s what being single and happy is all about to be honest. It may be wasteful but your happiness quotient skyrockets if you get the latest Sony Playstation or get the Mustang instead of the musty old Toyota. These are incredible emotions to experience.

Self sufficiency

In a relationship, people need to live for and with each other and this means being forced to do stuff that you wouldn’t do otherwise or which you detest. If you focus on achieving quality for yourself without aiding or needing aid from others, you taste the sweet nectar of self-satisfaction, which is what matters the most.

Worry free

The idea of being single and happy means that you don’t have to worry about anyone. In a relationship, you have to worry about a mish mash of very mundane matters.and activities, in additional to your own wellbeing.

being single and happy

Save time and money

While being single does allow you to splurge and pamper yourself, the sensible will not spend tons of money unnecessarily. Not being in a relationship will allow you to save on presents and dates. A relationship will always require time and financial investment for maintenance!

You don’t have to lie

Relationships might make you lie to your partners at times and thus you are bound to feel guilty. Being single removes the guilt and allows you to be accountable only to yourself. You can even lie to yourself and it only affects you!

As you can see, being single and happy is a distinct attraction and you do not have to be in a relationship to be happy, despite cultural or social norms. Focus on what matters the most to yourself and manage your finances and happiness is only a step away!