Being charismatic is one of the most important and powerful traits these days. Our relationships matter more than ever before and creating new, stronger bonds with other people has become a requisite for success, both in personal and professional life.

Because of this, countless people have joined the exciting journey of building charisma. The benefits of achieving this go beyond the social paradigm; it opens a door to an entirely new world, where we can positively influence people and move emotions towards good causes.

In the following lines, we will address some practical ways for being charismatic and to continuously improve this trait.

How to Build Charisma and Captivate People

Be Always Present and Focused

It’s fair to say that technology has made great damage to our social lives. Conversations were no longer the same after the invention of the smartphone and social networks. That’s why when we sit down with someone to talk, it’s necessary to focus and be at the moment.

From time to time, our minds will wonder and our smartphones will vibrate. Those things don’t matter. What truly matters is the precious conversation you are having in that single moment. Be genuinely interested and listen. The other person will deeply appreciate this, especially in these days of worthless distraction.

how to build charisma

Make a Confident Projection

Too much people try to answer the question of how to build charisma with a failing thesis: be cautious and don’t try to draw too much attention. They think that being shy regarding what they have to say will earn them the favor of the other person.

The truth is quite different. We have an unconscious appreciation for people who project power and capacity. So, being charismatic implies showing a self-esteem that you may even not have. Most people feel more comfortable along with confident individuals.

Of course, do not confuse projecting confidence with being arrogant. There is a thin line between both and we need to be sure of the impression we are giving.

Do Not Rush Your Words

There is nothing like a person that speaks in a slow and clear fashion. When building charisma, this has to be one of your top priorities. People that is used to rush their words will have a hard time with this but the effort is absolutely necessary.

In fact, choosing our words wisely and speak gently is one of the quickest and most effective ways to be charismatic. On the other hand, stacking up your words in an intelligible phrase is the best method to give a mediocre impression.

Always Be Empathic

We all know that being empathic isn’t easy. But, in the quest of genuinely being charismatic, showing some empathy for others in necessary. This is the amazing trait that allows to identify and understand other people’s emotions and feelings.

The most enriching conversations are with emphatic people, capable of being thoughtful and kind about what others feel. You may want to start with this one.

Make Honest Compliments

Every time someone asks us how to build charisma, we cannot simply avoid giving this advice. Compliments are scarce these days. Envy and hateful emotions are always around the corner. So, what happens when someone gives you an honest compliment?

Giving a sincere, warmth compliment to someone, will grant you a special place in his or her heart, especially nowadays. Since the first moment, try to read the other person and highlight anything that could make him or her feel a more comfortable.