Inspiration is omnipresent around us – and is in a close correlated with our creative juices. However, the real deal happens when we marry inspiration with perspiration to achieve true creativity. The 3 techniques below will teach how to increase creativity.

What we must understand is that we not only need to ONLY spark our creative spirit, but it is essential to capture it and apply it to our actions and plans in the future. Everyone should know how to increase creativity, harness, store, and use the creativity at a later date. Creativity is nothing when it is not applied.

How to increase creativity, capture it and never letting your creative ideas come to naught?

1. Increase Creativity By Keeping A Notebook With You At All Times

One of the most successful techniques to increase creativity is simple – bring a notebook with you at all times. What does this mean?

NOT your smartphone and your digital notes application. Let’s get antiquated and scribble thoughts on paper. This means taking a pencil and dotting down the thoughts as they flow. We do not have to power up our smartphones, search and open an app, or pause to save. Many successful people have an unending flow of ideas but they are also often forgetful with they extremely busy schedule. Their brains are conditioned to be creative and having a piece of paper and a pencil is absolutely crucial in capturing these creative moments.

how to increase creativity

2. Increase Creativity With The Inside-Out Technique

This is a technique that involves the subconscious side of your brain and enables you to perform tasks more effectively. We like to call it The Inside-Out Technique, and it is personified with a simple example.

Situation A : Imagine yourself as a writer and your daily grind is to drag yourself to the office  each day and you start researching and writing. After that, you reply to emails, contact people and publish articles. But what if all this can be done the reverse way?

Situation B (The Inside-Out): You come to the office and start your research on topics and outline your headers. But this is it. You stop after the headers and ignore the contents. You then go about your other tasks such as replying to emails, contacting people and publishing articles from the previous day. Towards the end of the day, you sit down again and resume writing the body of your article.

While this may seem inefficient to you, it means a world of difference to creative people. The trick lies in allowing the sub-consciousness and the side of our brain that works passively, to scan and analyze information that we had thought about when planning the headers. Our amazing brain allows us have a passive thought process while we perform our mundane tasks. And yes, it’s proven to work!

3.  Increase Creativity By Choosing The Rough Patch

Last but not the least, one of the most counter-intuitive method is  to let the task overwhelm your brain. Focus on imagining each task as insurmountable and how difficult it is to even come close to a viable solution.

No, you may not end up not solving it. Instead, your brain triggers a response of multiple desperate attempts, puts your mental state in a shock situation and engages more of your creativity than it normally does.

Often the result shows that you finish the task 10 times better you originally would in the ‘normal way’, with an increased brain activity. The solution is achieved after multiple viable attempts to resolve an issue, the complexity of which was magnified many times over.

In the end, remember that harnessing the creativity from the depths of our brain is key. We can trigger it but be aware that application is the hurdle we have to overcome. With the 3 techniques mentioned above, increasing your creativity will definitely be a breeze if you are more diligent in recognizing the techniques to be used.