How to Stop Social Media Addiction

Social media has become so important in our lives that we tend to migrate everything there.  Our preferences, consumer habits, performances, memorable experiences, all which is important for us gets permanently stored in the online environment, and put at the disposal of others. We rely on validation coming from social media in order to feel good about ourselves and in order to stay motivated. It is correct to talk about an addiction on social media. Searching effective ways in which to stop your social media addiction is the first step towards recovery.

Check your motives

Most of us wander onto social media aimlessly—usually when we’re bored. In order to put an end to a habit, you have to acknowledge what that habit is providing to you in order to sustain itself.  Ask yourself,  what is your motive for logging on? Do I have a specific, positive reason for it? If you can’t come up with one, resist the urge and do something that will improve yourself, like diving into an engaging book or hit the gym. In-person contacts can be equally rewarding as those happening on social media walls through likes and comments. If you manage to match the social exposure you receive in the real world, you have big chances to stop social media addiction.

Engage in productive activities

Time spent on social media often originates from lacking a motivating goal or objective to pursuit in life. You tend to look at others when you are not happy with the things you do yourself. Committing to a cause or filling your agenda with productive activities can take you away from social media faster and easier than anything else. For those alone or single, establishing real relationships can make the virtual world less appealing. It is just a matter of changing your system of reference and giving weight to other activities. Consider enrolling in activities that will keep you away from the house or the office and you will control the urge to browse meaningless content.

Sign Off for a Weekend

Social media is by no means a necessity of life. If you don’t eat, you will eventually die (although it might take quite long), but nothing happens if you don’t login to Facebook for an entire year. No one will make your online funeral and you are not supposed to come up with an excuse. Set some boundaries and refrain yourself from using social media in weekend. Some people simply get tired of putting their lives on display for others to see, or consider they have nothing worth sharing. We can only hope that social media will not become a norm in terms of selecting candidates at the interview or in terms of dating. Among the young generation, not having a Facebook makes you a bit suspicions. However, a great personality can quickly outbalance all the advantages of having a public account.

Limiting your daily intake of Internet

Social media addiction derives from a larger family of addictions. Before you became addicted on likes, tweets, posts, and profile photos, you were addicted on connectivity and high speed communication. It is the very nature of the Internet which requires for users to engage as much as possible. Knowing how to stop social media addiction is somewhere between limiting your daily intake of Internet and still using it for functional purposes. We rely on the Internet for almost anything nowadays and this makes it easy for social media addiction to impose itself.

Alter Your Settings

There is even a technical approach to stop your social media addiction. At least in Windows operating system, a secret setting can prevent any browser from accessing the website in discussion. This is easy to make for someone which is not so computer savvy. Using time tracking software can be again a useful trick. Reports generated at the end of each day/week can show how much of your precious time goes down the drain and how much you can gain from leaving behind the bad habit. For those who live their life running from job to family, loosing time on social media is simply unacceptable.

Respond Off-Line

Stick to traditional ways in order to block social media from your life. Call people and ask them how they are doing instead of browsing their profiles from shadow. Read the news directly from the source instead of reading re-posts. Post your quality photos on a professional network. Stopping social media addiction can be very easy if you commit to the goal and make small steps each day.