As a result of the hustle and bustle of mundane everyday life people often tend to forget how magnificent life on earth is. Many begin to search for pleasure from the routes which are not likely to bring the desired results. In reality, to be born as a human being is the biggest blessing in itself which suggests that every single human being is blessed. Joy is supposed to come from within and it starts to flow as soon as you start to recognize your true self: the amazing you. So, how to reach such a state of mind? Here we take a look at the things you need to do and understand in order to achieve just that.

Every single person is a part of the god consciousness and filled with light. “The amazing you” part holds all the limitless joy that is awaiting to be explored. Its innate nature is joy. Unfortunately, in most people many layers of fear have put on a coating over that part. It is of utmost importance to dig deep, go beyond fear, trust the universe and search for the true self. Then and only then can you reveal for yourself the ecstasy of the paradise unexplored.

The reception of joy is an inside out process, it is not an outside in process as many people believe. As soon as you start to accept “the amazing you” the way you are with love, you will notice positive changes in every single aspect of your life. Where most people get it wrong is they have a notion that they would have to prove themselves to every other person out their in order to validate themselves as worthy. The problem with this particular approach is that in this case your joy would depend upon someone else. Why should the key to your happiness lie in the hands of someone else? There is no need to give that key to them. Humans are usually inclined to do so inherently and it invariably results in disappointment. Self love provides you with the means to come out of this frustrating cycle and find everlasting peace.

Nature offers humans with many exceptional phenomenons worth exploring. Why on earth would you want to miss out on these things? On many occasions just because of the external factors people stay closed to all the natural beauty as they are always in a hurry to prove themselves!! Does this make sense? Does this in anyway show love for your own self? Go out and enjoy every single bit of this incredibly diverse universe. Feel the raindrops, look at the startling sunsets, smell all the extraordinary floral species out there and most importantly enjoy yourself as much as possible. Let “the amazing you” come out of its shells and show its true color. You will always emit positive radiance as long as you are being your true self.

Also you need to make an effort to try and enjoy the things you are really passionate about. Possessing an ambition is one of the most necessary traits in a person. You should not be doing a job that you are not really interested in. Once again it does not show enough love for your own self. Every person here on this planet is gifted in some way and it is their duty to make use of those gifts that they have received. You should never limit yourself, there is no end to the potentials you carry within yourself. It needs to be explored. While it is true that you should look to care about every other person, it does not necessarily mean that your dreams are to be neglected. They are just as important and you can go all out in trying to achieve them. Whether you want to build the prettiest apartment for yourself or you want to serve the nation in some way, whatever your passion may be, it would be criminal not topursue it.

So, the bottom line is that happiness
is a choice, whether you want to be happy or not depends upon yourself. You are powerful enough to be in control of the situation and it is high time that you make the choice to let go of all the uncontrollable matters and simply let “the amazing you” flourish.